Kagayaki-IV Ver4.40 coming soon. (Dec,2008)

Kagayaki-IV Ver4.40 will be released on January 1, 2009.

********** Kagayaki-IV Ver4.30 -> Ver4.40 **********

@ New function

Constellation picture is included.
Please click constellation name on display.

Kagayaki-IV can Metocarf with auto guide system "Alpha-SGR".

The orbit calculation of Pluto is more correct.

The mouse wheel operation for the zoom is effective in four corners of Planetarium and Star Atlas.

@ The function of E-ZEUS has been expanded.

Over the meridian function.

GoTo pole function.

GoTo speed switching(Low, Mid, High).

@ "Click point" is registered as a object.

You can select it as current object.

"GoTo" to "Click point".

You can edit it.

@ e.t.c.

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