Kenko 'Sky Explorer EQ6PRO' control module is released. (Nov,2006)

Telescope 'SkyExplorer EQ6PRO' made by Kenko is newly put on the market.
EQ6PRO' control module for Kagayaki-IV is released.


=== Download 'EQ6PRO control module' ===


--- Installation ---
1.Please open the folder C:\Program Files\Kagayaki4Pro\dllnavi\
2.If you are NavigationEdition user, please open the folder C:\Program Files\Kagayaki4N\dllnavi\
3.Copy the file that you downloaded now(SKYEXPLOREREQ6PRO.dll) into this folder.
4.If you restart Kagayaki-IV, you will see 'EQ6PRO' in telescope list.


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