Kagayaki-IV Ver4.20 is released. (Jul,2005)

Kagayaki-IV Ver4.20 is released.
Some BUG was corrected.
Vixen STARBOOK can be controlled.

It can be downloaded on "Download" page.

-- Bug fix (Fatal level High)

-When the planetarium was printed with the laser printer, the star was not occasionally printed at all.
-When the d.c. was plus or minus ten degrees or less, the telescope was not accurately controlled.
-Hippalcos number was wrong.

-- Bug fix (Fatal level low)

-The COM port 5-8 might not be able to be used.
-The shape of the Milky Way became abnormal occasionally(Planisphere).

-- Additional function

-Vixen STARBOOK can be controlled.
-The layout of the navigation screen was changed.
The epoch of the telescope coordinates and the object coordinates came to switch.
[Date] <-> [J2000]

-- Others

-The display and the operation were tuned.

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