Planisphere is displayed in the right of screen.
It is possible to print.

* It is possible to rotate.
The planisphere rotates when you drag with the mouse.

* Direction
The front of starry sky that the lower side of planisphere sees now.
The center of planisphere is a zenith.
Opposite of starry sky that the upper part of planisphere sees now.

Is it a display only the [N] stands out why?
When you see the screen, you understand the direction at once.

* Convenient function
If the [N],S,E,W is clicked, the direction becomes front at once.

* Rotation

It is possible to rotate with the mouse like this.

* [Synchronize] button

Please look at this screen.
A left small Planisphere rotates together.
After clicking the [Synchronize] button, it becomes possible.


It is possible to print by such a quality.

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