Panel Clock

It is a familiar panel clock.
You can see the starry sky of the past and the future.

* Update at every 10 seconds
"Auto Drive" mode when panel clock is time now.
Kagayaki-IV is updated at every 10 seconds.
("Auto Drive"mode --- The backing color of the panel clock is red.)

* Change by click
Time advances when the upper half of the panel is clicked, and time backs when the lower half is clicked.
The panel can be continuously turned over by keeping pushing the mouse button.

An automatic driving stops when it is not time now. Backing of the clock is a black.

* Change by wheel mouse
When the wheel mouse is rotated on the panel, it can be turned over.

* Change by keyboard
It can be controlled with the keyboard after that when the panel is clicked once.
Arrow key[Left][Right]---Select panel
Arrow key[Up][Down]---Change

* Second gauge
Second gauge is changed by the same operation.
One step of second gauge is ten seconds.

* [ Now ] button
If this is clicked, the panel clock will return now, and the mode become "Auto Drive".

* Difference with time now

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