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Information of Kagayaki-IV (SUPER STAR IV).

Kagayaki-IV is bundled to the CELESTRON product.
Kagayaki-IV(as Hoshizora Sanpo) is sold by Kenko in the shop all over Japan.

12.Apr,2011 Kagayaki-IV Ver4.42 is released !
05.Feb,2009 'Tennmon Guide' Mar,2009 Issue
'Tennmon Guide' Feb,2009 Issue

Kagayaki-IV Ver4.40 is released !
Dec,2008 Kagayaki-IV Ver4.40 coming soon !

Nov,2008 Comet Lulin cames!
Nov,2008 The mail server trouble was recovered.
Jul,2008 'Hoshi NAVI' Aug,2008 Issue.
11 Nov,2007 KENKO SkyExplorerII control module is released.
02 Nov,2007 CELESTRON 'Sky Align System' Mount control module is released.
24-26.Aug,2007 'Tainai Star Party 2007'
18.Apr,2007 Kagayaki-IV Ver4.30 is released.

05.Apr,2007 'Tennmon Guide' May,2007 Issue(E-ZEUS)
Mar,2007 The comet McNaught.

25 Nov,2006
KENKO 'EQ6PRO' Control module is released.
1 Oct,2006
'HoshizoraSampo' Video clip.

'Tainai Star Party 2006'
26-28.Aug,2005 'Tainai Star Party 2005'
Aug,2005 Kagayaki-IV supports Kenko SkyExplorer.
Jul,2005 Kagayaki-IV Ver4.20 is released !
Feb,2005 Sky&Telescope' Mar,2005 Issue
Jan,2005 Comet Machholz cames!
20-22.Aug,2004 'Tainai Star Party 2004'
May,2004 Shipmen's Social Insurance Magazine May,2004 issue.
May,2004 Kagayaki-IV Ver4.10 is released.
May,2004 Kagayaki-IV Limited Edition users
May,2004 Kagayaki-III users
Apr,2004 Kagayaki-IV is bundled to the CELESTRON product.
Kagayaki-IV(as Hoshizora Sanpo) is sold by Kenko in the shop all over Japan.
19-21Mar,2004 "Kagayaki-IV" was demonstrated in "Photo EXPO 2004".

22-24.Aug,2003 'Tainai Star Party 2003'
21-22.Jun,2003 'JTB Show 2003"
05.Jun,2003 'Tenmon Guide' Jul,2003 Issue. (special article)
05.Jun,2003 CELESTRON Summer Campaign. Kagayaki-IV is bundled to the CELESTRON product this summer.
06.May,2003 'Tennmon Guide' Jun,2003 Issue
05.Dec,2002 Kagayaki-IV(SUPER STAR IV) introduction edition in 'Tenmon Guide 2003Tenmon Scheduler CD-ROM''
23-25.Aug,2002 'Tainai Star Party 2002'
05.Aug,2002 'Tenmon Guide' Sep,2002 Issue (special article)
07.May,2002 'Tenmon Guilde ' Jun,2002 Issue
10.Dec,2001 'ASTRO GUIDE 2002'
25.Aug,2001 I/O special issue 'Pasocon-Tentaikansoku'
05.Jul,2001 'Tennmon Guide' Aug,2001
05.Jul,2001 'DOS/V POWER REPORT' Aug,2001
10.Dec,2000 'ASTRO GUIDE 2001'
07.Nov,2000 'Sky&Telescope' Dec,2000 Issue
15.Sep,2000 'DOS/V Magazine' 1 Oct,2000 Issue
05.Sep,2000 'Tennmon Guide' Oct,2000 Issue



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