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12.Apr,2011 Kagayaki-IV Ver4.42 is released !


'HoshizoraSampo' Video clip
Kagayaki-IV is bundled to the CELESTRON product.
Kagayaki-IV(as Hoshizora Sanpo) is sold by Kenko in the shop all over Japan.


Video Clip!
!! "Hosizorasanpo" is a product that limits the function of Kagayaki-IV.
Sales only in Japan.


Kagayaki-IV Trial Tour

You can experience Kagayaki-IV.

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※! This tour is the same as the online manual bundled to Kagayaki-IV.
Kagayaki-IV has neither the toolbar nor a lot of icons. Are you uneasy? Because all necessary functions are provided, your uneasiness is unnecessary.The SeedsBox's knowhow enables it. Technology in 80's forgotten after Windows, it was made the best use of.


Highly accurate data processing.
@18 million stars
530,000stars from Hipparcos,Tycho2.
18,000,000 stars are added from GSC in Professional Edition.
@10,000 nebula and cluster
10,000 data.and 10.000 images. (Image data is only in Professional Edition.)
precessional equinoxes, parallax, atmospheric refraction, e.t.c.

Even if you are a beginner, it is OK because there is planisphere in Kagayaki-IV. Its direction can be rotated.

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There is both the planetarium and the star atlas in Kagayaki-IV.

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You can immediately see the starry sky of the past and the future(B.C.1 - A.D.9999) only in turning over the panel clock.

The panel clock is not limited to the click operation, and can be turned over by even rotating the wheel mouse.

A lot of other attractive functions are provided.
- Click here -

It is a list function of an astronomical show that occurs in one month.
The orbit is calculated, and sentences of the calendar are built. Therefore when the panel clock and the location are changed, it is instantaneously updated.

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Kagayaki-IV can control various telescopes.



TEMMA-PC, Jr, Temma-2

LX-200, LX-200GPS (Autostar2), ETX Series (Autostar)

Nexstar(Old), Nexstar i, Nexstar GPS, Nexstar GT, Nexstar GTR, CGE, Advanced GT



Sky Explorer

  The control of the telescope is troublesome. Kagayaki-IV enables it on such a simple screen.

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"IZANAI" navigation function uses only setting circles not to use a motor drive and the navigation computer.


A high-quality print is possible.

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PC Planetarium "Hosizorasanpo"

Video clip

"Hosizorasanpo" means starry sky walking. This is a product that limits the function of Kagayaki-IV.

! Sales only in Japan.



Kagayaki-IV is bundled to the CELESTRON product.

! Sales only in Japan.


Special Thanks

Shinya Akahira / Junichi Arai / Akira Otawara(Photographer) / Kenko Co,.Ltd / Yoshiyuki Sato(WorldMap software PTOLEMY,MERCATOR) / SHOWA Industry Co.,Ltd. / Takashi Setoguchi(Oriental Astronomical Association) / Takahashi Seisakusho Co,.Ltd. / Tasco Japan Co,.Ltd. / Tenmon Guide / Yasuhiro Toyama / Tsutomu Hayamizu(Sendai Space Hall) / Vixen Co,,Ltd / Toshiro Hinokuchi / MIC Internationa Co,.Ltd.



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