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at Memo III

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Welcome to "at Memo III" world。
"at Memo III" is designed, intuition operation. 
First of all, please see the screenshot under this clicking. 






How did you feel ?
"at Memo III" is software exactly designed to handle everyone intuitively (As seen).

- Take the memo while calling...
- Draft E-mail...
- Copy a favorite sentence in the homepage...
- Record before forgetting the phrase in poetry and song...
- As a work area of the programming..
- e.t.c...







- Auto save
   The memo is automatically saved.

- The memo is managed by a simple text file. 
   The memo is saved to a decided place as text file (.txt). 
   Therefore, you can edit the memo file with other editors
    and notepads, and delete it. 
   If the text file which has scattered is moved to memo folder, 
   it is possible to manage with "at Memo III" only in it. 
   Let's throw in and manage the memo !

- It is possible to print. 

- It is possible to sort.

- It is possible to search.

- It is possible to one click start from the taskbar. 

- The wheel mouse can be used.












User Registration

"at Memo III" is shareware.

Befere registration...
  - The memo up to 20. 
  - It is not possible to search.

If you completed the procedure of registration, I send the password.
Please input to the User registration frame on a SET window, and click [Reg] button. 
The limitation will be released. 

"at Memo III" Registration fee: US$7


If you have a credit card, you can use Kagi Online Order Processing,
and pay registration charge right now.

Please pay registration charge here.







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